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ICE OUT is a perfect read for book clubs. The thought-provoking themes lead to many interesting discussions.

I am available to discuss the book either in person, or remotely via Zoom or Facebook Live.

Book Club Questions for ICE OUT

  1. Did this book remind you of any other books you’ve read?

  2. Did you think the first sentence of the book was effective? Why do you think the author started with that sentence?

  3. What was your favorite quote from this book and why?

  4. Which part of the book resonated emotionally with you?

  5. How do you feel about the book’s pacing? Were there parts you wished the author slowed down and explored more? Were there parts that lagged?

  6. What were some recurring themes or motifs throughout the book?

  7. Why do you think the author chose this particular book title?

  8. If you could pick a different title for the book, what would it be and why?

  9. Do you feel the book cover captures the essence of the book?

  10. If you could pick a different book cover design, what would it be?

  11. Did you find the ending of the book satisfying?

  12. Why do you think the author ended the book with the last sentence? Do you think it was effective?

  13. If you could ask the author one question about the book, what would it be?

  14. Did you feel the narrator of this book was reliable?

  15. Was there a moment when you disagreed with the protagonist’s decisions? What would you have done differently?

  16. Which character did you feel the most sympathy for?

  17. If this were to happen in real life, would these characters and plot points be realistic?

  18. If you had been a character in the book, what would you have done to influence the outcome?

  19. How does the setting contribute to the story?

  20. Did you guess the ending of the book, and if so, how?

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